Workday UCS Summary & Q&A with Jim Bowers

Last week, we completed our User Confirmation Sessions (UCS) for Workday@Langara. These were an opportunity for faculty, staff, and leaders to complete certain processes and scenarios in Workday using our how-to guides before training begins. We invited over 170 people from across the community to participate based on their role and the work they will do in Workday.

We’ll be sharing some stories from these sessions to give you an idea what people think of their first Workday experience. Below, please find our final UCS Q&A with Jim Bowers and some highlights from the sessions.

User Confirmation Sessions Summary

  • Had over 130 faculty members, staff, and leaders attend at least one UCS session
  • Participation from over 18 departments, including several Faculty depts. (18% of participants), Continuing Studies (17%), and Financial Services (14%)
  • Ran 23 sessions over 14 days
  • 77% of participants found the sessions helpful or very helpful
Key themes

We asked participants for feedback after every session to get a sense of their first impressions of Workday. The key themes were:


  • Learning to navigate Workday
  • Understanding the new processes and workflow​s
  • Thinking in Workday terms instead of Banner terms


  • Enjoyed getting an early look and hands-on experience​ in Workday
  • Found Workday Intuitive, well-organized, and easy to navigate​
  • Appreciated the modern look, uncluttered pages, and clean design

Q&A with Jim Bowers, Division Chair

1. Describe your role at the College and how it relates to the session you attended.

I am the Division Chair for the Community Programs Division as well as an instructor in the Department of Geography. I mainly attended sessions to faculty contracts and position management.

2. What were some of the tasks or scenarios that you completed in the session?

I attended sessions on hiring and recruitment, navigating my profile, and creating academic appointments (using add job or change job processes).

3. What was the most challenging task/scenario? The easiest?

The most challenging tasks related to the job requisition, recruitment and hiring. Largely because of the complexity of the approval chain and the use of unfamiliar, non-Langara terminology for the actions. Navigating the personal information profile was simple and intuitive.

4. What was something that surprised you about Workday? What was your favourite feature?

I was surprised by many of the data fields which were required but the purpose or value was unclear. For example, I didn’t understand why I would need to specify the buildings in which people would be working, but perhaps that information is relevant from a different lens.

My favourite feature is the whole principle of all Langara users working on a common cloud-based database.

5. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being amazing), how would you rate your overall experience using Workday?

My experience has been a solid 7.5/10 (B+). The interface is easy to use. It is hard to make a stronger judgement when so much of the experience is shaped by the data that is currently in the test version, which I understand will be updated for the final version of Workday that goes live on January 6, 2020.

PS: Our final Open House before we go live in January is on Wednesday, December 11 – register now!

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