2020 Workday Training and Support Preview

At our final Open House before go-live, we introduced some new members of the Operational Excellence team, shared what to expect in January, and talked about how you can get the training and support you need. Thank you to everyone who attended and shared their suggestions on what we can do to support our community.

In the new year, you’ll be supported in many ways as you start to use Workday. Here are some of the key activities you can expect from us starting in January 2020:


  • Learning Lab (drop-in): Visit us in the lab to get set-up with a personalized self-paced learning plan, gain hands-on experience in Workday, and ask questions.
  • Workday Training site: Navigate your own experience of Workday at your leisure by exploring a wide range of how-to guides, recorded demonstrations, and other support materials.
  • Individual Training: A new series of instructor-led training will be available, with separate online and in-person session options.
  • Team Training: Request a group training session for your team, customized by role or department. Team sessions are a good option for groups that are unavailable to participate through other learning channels or that have a unique need to be addressed.


We have a dedicated Workday support team at Langara ready to help you with any issues or challenges you run into using Workday. You’ll submit support requests online and our team will get back to you within a set period of time based on priority. We’ll work in partnership with People and Culture and Finance departments to address your inquiries effectively.

At go-live, we will also have:

  • Student Squad: Our help team will be visiting offices across the College.
  • Info Booths: Drop by our two (2) on-campus booths for help.

Summary of our Nov. 25 – Dec 6 Instructor-Led Training

  • 315 people attended
  • 70% online and 30% in person
  • People attended 3 sessions on average

We’ll be applying what we learned from the 193 responses to our training evaluation survey our earlier training by offering shorter sessions, separating online and in-person training, offering role- and team-based training as well as expanding our training and support resources.

Have a wonderful holiday break and we look forward to seeing you in 2020!

Workday@Langara Team

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