Meet the Team


Our project team consists of long-time Langara employees, newcomers with specialized skills, and consultants from our implementation partner Deloitte. The core Workday@Langara project team consists of 58 full- and part-time Langara team members who are responsible for the launch of Workday at Langara and includes representatives from our finance, HCM, student and technical workstreams.

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Project Management Office

Our project management team is responsible for leading the project and managing the work on our finance, HCM, student and technical workstreams. They manage our project team and support cross-functional decision-making as well as ensure Workday@Langara achieves its goals and meets deadlines.

Member Role
Alena Chavdarova Project Manager,

Organizational Change Management

The purpose of our Organizational Change Management Team is to support the Langara community throughout the project. We are here to listen to your perspectives, answer your questions and engage you in the change process. Communications, change preparation, events and training all fall under the OCM team.

Member Role
Becky Querido Manager, Organizational Change Management,
Erin Anderson Communications Officer,

In addition to the team working directly on the project, over 100 staff and faculty from teams and departments across the College have contributed their time in workshops and other consultations. Want to contribute your time? Check out some of the ways you can get involved in Workday@Langara.

Our partners


We aren’t alone on this important journey. Workday and Deloitte are our partners on this project.

Workday is our software partner and the provider of our new ERP system. They also work with us on how to best configure Workday to meet our College’s needs. Their ongoing support and commitment to continuous product innovation is just one of the reasons why we chose Workday.

Deloitte is our implementation partner. We chose them to help us prepare for our transition to Workday and we are working closely with them to ensure a successful launch. Our Deloitte colleagues bring a combination of technical acumen and experience with successful Workday implementations.



Workday@Langara involves individuals from across the College, each of whom brings a unique perspective and expertise. The diversity and experience within our project governance helps ensure a successful transition. In addition to the Executive Sponsor, who provides strategic direction and decisions, the project relies on the Joint Steering Committee and the Workday Advisory Board for guidance.

Joint Steering Committee

The Joint Steering Committee is a decision-making body who is responsible for successful delivery of the project.

Member Role
Viktor Sokha Executive Sponsor
Margaret Heldman Associate Vice President, Academic
Jane Mason Vice President, People and Culture
Dave Cresswell Chief Information Officer
Chris Arnold-Forster Director, Enterprise Risk Management
Mark DiNello Deloitte Engagement Partner
Nick Smith Director of PMO and Operational Excellence
John Wong Associate Director, Development
Michael Koke Director, Finance
Melody Lam Director, HR Systems, Services & Payroll
Jan Smith Student Lead & Registrar
Jody Gordon Associate Vice-President, Students

Workday Advisory Board

The Workday Advisory Board (WAB) includes representatives from across the College who strategize on arising priorities and challenges, manage resources, coordinate plans, and recommend solutions to the Joint Steering Committee.

Member Role
Jim Bowers Division Chair and Social Sciences and Community Programs
Alena Chavdarova Project Manager, Workday@Langara
Eileen Chin Associate Director, Financial Services and Purchasing
Adveen Dosanjh Manager, Workday Sustainment and Support
Melody Lam Director, HR Systems, Services & Payroll
Duane Hargrave Development Manager, Information Technology
Susan Kelsall Dean, Faculty of Management
Michael Koke Director, Finance
Nick Smith Director of PMO and Operational Excellence
Parizad Mistry Director, HR Systems, Services and Payroll
Becky Querido Manager Organizational Change Management
John Wong Associate Director, Development
Pablo Vargas Dean, Continuing Studies
Gerda Krause Dean, Faculty of Science