Project update: testing and fall preparation

The Workday@Langara project team has been busy this summer and we wanted to share our progress with you as well as preview what is coming up in Fall 2019.

We’re now in the Test phase of the project and will be doing end-to-end testing, also known as system integration testing, from July 22 to August 30. This is used to test whether the flow of an application (operational process) is performing as designed from start to finish. It is also used to ensure that workflows that include multiple areas – for example, HCM (People and Culture) and Finance – or that rely on integrations with other systems (Eg. banking software) are up and running.

In Fall 2019, we’ll begin User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which will involve staff from around the College who have not directly been involved in the project. Their fresh perspectives will help us determine if our training materials are helpful to the faculty and staff that will be using Workday. More information on training will be coming soon. We now have more than 35 Change Ambassadors, including both faculty and staff, who are helping to keep us connected with their departments or functional areas. Working with our Organizational Change Management (OCM) team, our ambassadors help us understand the unique perspectives of different parts of our community and play a key role in our communications and other activities. There’s still time to join our Change Ambassadors – sign up by August 15, 2019.

We’ve also been working on our communications plan and will have much more to share this fall, including a new website for the project. We’ll also be continuing our presentations to teams and departments across the College – please contact us to arrange an update from our team. Another important activity taking place is the transfer of knowledge from our Deloitte team members to Langara staff (super users) who will be supporting the system after go-live. Sustainment will be led by Tom Majek, our new Director of Operational Excellence. We are ramping up for a very busy fall as our first go-live date for Workday is January 6, 2020.

Our Workday@Langara project team has been hard at work making Workday work for Langara and we’re committed to ensuring the best possible experience for staff and faculty going forward. Thank you for your ongoing support of this project and for continuing to share your questions, concerns, and perspectives.

Dorothy Paukste
Project Director, Workday@Langara

Would you like to know more about what a change ambassador does? Read about Change Ambassador Michelle Carter’s experience.

Recap: Workday@Langara Events (May 2019)

We had two big events last week for Workday@Langara: our second Open House as well as a Faculty Coffee. Thanks to everyone who attended! For those who couldn’t make it, we hope the summary below captures it well.

Open House

At our Open House, President Lane Trotter welcomed the crowd of over 100 faculty and staff with a short speech about the need to change our system to keep pace with the world around us and the importance of coming together as a community to support this project.

Project Director Dorothy Paukste updated everyone on the project progress and the work that has been done over the past few months. Dawn Palmer, our Organizational Change Management Lead, shared our survey results and how people can get involved in the project through the change network.

Next up, our workstream leads for HCM (People and Culture), Finance and Student gave updates on their areas and some of the benefits faculty and staff will see through our transition to Workday. Karen Hackett, HCM lead, did a demo of how an employee would submit a vacation request and previewed the employee portal in Workday. Michael Koke, Finance lead, showed how an employee can electronically submit a receipt for an expense claim. Both demos also included a look at the Workday mobile app.

Jan Smith, Student lead, spoke about what Workday Student would mean for Langara and the rationale behind our re-sequenced timeline for Student implementation.

Our Project Leadership Panel answered some questions from attendees on the data security offered by Workday, when faculty will start to use Workday for things like generating class lists, and the end of paper receipts. The event concluded with breakaway sessions, where faculty and staff could speak directly to each of the four workstream teams.

Faculty Coffee

At the Faculty Coffee in the morning, Ben Cecil spoke about the importance of the project for faculty and academic leaders. Marg Heldman explained what faculty would use Workday for starting in January 2020 (expenses, leave requests, etc) and encouraged faculty to reach out to the core team with their questions, thoughts and concerns. Gerda Krause shared what she was excited about in Workday, including the end of paper forms, new reports, and easy access to information for leaders. As at the Open House, Dorothy Paukste gave a project update and Dawn Palmer spoke about the change network.

The Workday@Langara Team

Whether you were able to attend or had to miss our events, we want to hear from you! Drop by the Employee Lounge for Talk Workday Thursdays or send your question, comment or feedback to or use our contact form.

Workday@Langara Survey One Results

Thank you to those of you who completed our first survey on Workday@Langara! We had an excellent response rate of 25% from the over 1600 faculty and staff who received the survey.

Survey Highlights

  • Faculty and instructors were the biggest group of respondents at 37%.
  • 70% agreed with the statement “I understand why Langara needed to implement a new HR, Finance, and Student system.”
  • Only 1.9% of our community disagreed or strongly disagreed with the statement “I am willing to contribute to support a successful Workday implementation.”
  • 59% of respondents said The Langara Post was their preferred way to stay up to date on the project.
  • 66% of respondents took the time to tell us what were they most excited about: improved processes, one integrated platform, increased accuracy and direct access to information.
  • 63% told us what they had the most questions about: project timeline, training and transition plans, Workday itself and how the project will affect them.

Our results also indicated that some members of our community don’t feel they fully understand how Workday will benefit the College or where they can find additional resources on Workday@Langara. We’ll be looking for opportunities to increase awareness on both points, including through some of the planned actions listed below.


  • We launched our change network in April, including our change ambassadors, who will be valuable sources of information for teams and departments across the College. Find out how you can get involved.
  • Most information on the project lives on The Langara Post and on our website, and we will be updating both more frequently over the next few months.
  • We’re ramping up our presentations to different teams and departments across the College – contact us to arrange a visit.
  • We have also planned additional events, including Talk Workday Thursdays. On May 22, we’re holding a second Open House for faculty and staff as well as a faculty coffee in the morning.