Project Phases



Workday@Langara (ERP Project) will be a multi-year effort, which we will complete in a series of phases. We will begin with out finance and human resource systems in 2019 followed by our student information systems. Each stream of the project will move through the phase below, though the timelines may differ.

Current Status

We went live with Wave 1A: HCM (People and Culture) and Finance on January 6, 2020.



In this phase, we examine our current processes and begin to consider how they would function in Workday.


Participate in Discovery workshops
Receive Workday training


Subject matter experts are invited to examine our existing processes and policies through workshops and conversations with the Deloitte implementation team. Faculty and staff can learn more about the project through the website and on-campus presentations.


Plan and Architect

In this phase, we will look more closely at how Workday can meet Langara’s needs.


Create a detailed project plan
Examine how Workday can be configured for Langara, including functionality and integrations
Develop end-to-end processes


Faculty and staff will continue to receive updates from the project team. We’ll also have a group of representatives from across the College, called a change network, who will act as contacts for the wider community and provide specific updates to their teams and departments. Additionally, some individuals may be asked to share their point of view with colleagues who are working on the project.


Configure and Prototype

Using the knowledge gained in the previous phases, we will build Workday for Langara.


Confirm the project requirements are met
Develop integrations and reports
Cleanse and migrate data into Workday
Conduct internal testing within the project team.


You’ll be able to keep up with our progress and begin to explore Workday’s functionality through interactive events, presentations to your team or department, and updates on our website.



This phase will include both in-depth system testing by the project team and end-user testing with individuals across our community who will be using Workday.


Prepare training materials for end-users (faculty and staff)
Complete end-to-end testing (Eg. submitting an expense claim, registering for a course)
Integration testing (how Workday functions with other software and systems)


Through User Confirmation Sessions, we’ll get the perspective of the individuals who will use the system (Eg. faculty and staff, students for Wave 2) in different ways. We’ll provide an overview of the system and how it works, then give you the opportunity to try to complete certain tasks in the system. We’ll use your experiences to identify potential issues as well as inform our approach to training.


Deploy and Support

In the final phase, we will prepare to go-live and provide support and training to the community.


Complete final data conversion
Ensure the system is ready to go-live


We’ll have regular events with workstations where community members can drop-in, ask questions, and use a demo version of the new system to learn more about Workday. Training will be provided either online, through videos, or in-person. We will also have a mobile team available to offer personalized, on-campus support after go-live.

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