Vision and Goals


The goal of Workday@Langara is to enhance the experience of students, staff and faculty at Langara by improving efficiency and sustainability while incorporating leading practices in learning, teaching, and administration.


Excellence. Collegiality. Innovation. Integrity.

Vision ALIGNMENT Communities. VISION CATEGORIES Relevant, innovative,
and High-quality
• Improved integration between systems and improved
  access to information will allow for more effective
  communications and alumni engagement
• Reduction of inaccurate information from duplicate
  data entry and multiple sources of information will
  allow Langara to provide higher quality services to
People and culture. • Having access to high quality information will allow
  Langara to ensure course and program offerings are
  aligned to industry practice, offered when required,
  and are well-received by students
• Ability to support future integrations with external
  programs to support seamless transition between
  school and work
• Support new and enhanced means of engaging
  students, providing an integrated approach to digital   engagement
• Effective resource allocation, student tracking, and
  employee performance management will allow
  Langara to provide students with a richer learning
• Promote integrated operational processes by
   implementing streamlined and efficient procedures
• Systems will be highly available, hosted in the cloud,
  reducing the risk of on-site infrastructure and support
• Reduce manual labour and redundant tasks, helping
   improve staff experience

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