What's Changing?

Faculty & CS Instructors


Through our transition to Workday, faculty – both instructional and non-instructional – will have a centralized place to manage their time, apply for new contracts and positions, and complete administrative tasks. Continuing Studies (CS) instructors will also use Workday to manage their personal information and accept new contracts and positions.

What will Workday do for faculty?

Faculty & CS Instructors

Faculty, CS instructors, non-instructional faculty.

  1. Make it easier to apply for new positions and contracts.

  2. Streamline onboarding of new faculty and staff.

  3. Improve communications with students (Wave 2).

What’s changing for faculty?

Faculty & CS Instructors

HCM (People and Culture)

  • Access to update your personal information (address, emergency contact, etc.).

  • Ability to manage your time in Workday, including sick time, leaves, absences, and overtime.*

  • Ability to create a profile to quickly and easily apply for new positions through Workday.

  • Ability to view all your contracts in one place and automatic notifications when they’re issued.

  • Visibility on your current compensation details, past pay, and professional development funds.

  • Online storage of all your employment documents (contracts, etc) in your personal profile.


  • Ability to submit expense claims and purchase requisitions online and track their status.*

  • Faster and more efficient purchasing processes.*

  • More paperless processes, eliminating the need to store documents.


Changes for Continuing Studies (CS) instructors


  • Instructors who submit timesheets will now be paid automatically throughout their contract.
  • Ability to confirm contracts through Workday without visiting campus in person.
  • Access to contracts and compensation details as soon as you’re hired and in between contracts.

*Note: Items marked with an asterisk above are only applicable to faculty and CS LEAP instructors.

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