What's Changing?



Workday will offer leaders – from administrators to academic leaders – new management tools, improved visibility on their area, real-time reports, and better insights into College operations.

What will Workday do for leaders?


Directors, managers, and academic leaders (deans and chairs)

  1. Increase your access to the data you need to make informed decisions

  2. Improve oversight on your team (schedule, structure, individual profiles, etc.)

  3. Improve visibility into candidate and job posting information

  4. Allow you to create customized reports and dashboards

What’s changing for leaders?


HCM (People and Culture)

  • Ability to see and approve your team’s requests online (overtime, vacations, etc)

  • Ability to initiate the hiring process online, monitor progress and view applications in the system

  • Notifications of important tasks (Eg. Employee probation period ending)

  • View your team’s individual profiles, structure and calendar at a glance


  • Ability to approve transactions online (expense reports, requisitions, invoices, etc.)*

  • Quick access to more accurate real-time budget information and reports

  • Ability to create accounting journal entries to move charges between cost centers (budgets)*

  • Ability to view status of requisitions, invoices, etc.

*Changes for leaders who are also budget officers (cost centre managers in Workday)

Changes for Academic Leaders

Deans, Division Chairs, and Department Chairs will have additional tools.

  • Ability to create, modify, and track academic appointments (contracts) in Workday
  • New ways to manage faculty workload, including non-instructional duty time (NID)
  • Increased data access for department and division chairs through reports
  • Ability to view faculty members’ teaching history in Workday

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