What's Changing?



Workday will offer staff a better user experience and a centralized place to access information. Staff will use Workday for both personal administration (time-tracking, pay, etc) as well as to complete tasks related to their roles. Below is a summary of how Workday will affect day-to-day life for most staff.

What will Workday do for staff?


Full- and part-time staff, budget officers, contractors

  1. Provide quick access to information, reports and actions.

  2. Make many workflows and processes more efficient and transparent.

  3. Keep you up-to-date through notifications and alerts.

What's changing for staff?


HCM (People and Culture)

  • Access to update your personal information (address, emergency contact, etc.)

  • Ability to manage your time in Workday, including sick time, leaves, absences, and overtime.

  • Ability to create a profile to quickly and easily apply for new positions through Workday.

  • Ability to track progress of requests online (Eg. see if vacation request is approved).

  • New processes for hiring and managing faculty, staff and contractors.


  • Faster and more efficient purchasing processes.

  • Ability to submit expense claims and purchase requisitions online and track their status.

  • More paperless processes, eliminating the need to store documents.


Changes for budget officers


  • Approve transactions in your budget online (expense reports, requisitions, invoices, etc)
  • Quick access to more accurate real-time budget information and reports
  • Ability to create accounting journal entries to move charges between cost centers (budgets)
  • New cost centres and ways to group, track and report on spends and revenue

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